Who is Nithya Raman?


Enables Gangs & Crime


Supports the Destruction of Single Family Neighborhoods 

She's Aligned with Radical Groups

Find out who really has a seat at her table...It's not her constituents.

Violent & Criminal Encampments

Los Feliz's Berendo Street is a prime example. Raman's blinded bleeding heart endangers her constituents. 

Ruinous "Urban Planner"

Nithya Raman supports Senate Bill 10  & Upzoning for Market Rate Housing with no affordable units

Amateur Staff



Social & Work Histories Gone


Avoidance & Excuses

Embarrassingly Unqualified Staff

Arrogance led Raman to hire young, radical staffers—many of whom were plucked from her campaign. 

Four Jobs in Five Years

Since 2014, Raman has moved from one unrelated job to the next. Before her campaign, she scrubbed her social & LinkedIn pages.

Unanswered Calls & Emails

Constituents repeatedly report they call or email Raman and her staff and don't hear back. 

Why Residents Say They Support Recalling Raman

(If viewing comments on a phone, please turn it sideways.)

"I have worked with 3 councilmembers in CD4 over the years and the experience with Raman has been shockingly incompetent." Sunset Square Resident

"I tried to reach you some time ago and all I could access was pre-election balony." Franklin Village Resident

"Where were you employed as an urban planner? The American Planning Assoc. has no record of you ever being a member." Hollywood Marmont Resident

"You are the worst. Streets are strewn with trash. Needles and feces is what we have to endure. You absolutely suck." Van Nuys Resident

"People voted for an ideology, instead of reality. Her homeless non-for-profit did nothing." Whitley Heights Resident

"After my husband and I voted for you, we were horrified you agreed to raise building heights on Hillhurst Avenue." Los Feliz Resident

"She has the mind of a bumper sticker: all messaging and no substance." Sherman Oaks Resident

"I have called and left messages for her office and no one bothered to call me back. She is doing a terrible job." Los Feliz Resident

"Her working hours end when she is confronted with questions that don't conform to her radical policies." Hollywood Resident

"We didn't elect the DSA." Lake Hollywood Resident

"Using things such as childcare as an excuse to not perform hurts all women." Los Feliz Resident

"I was excited to vote for you, but sincerely regret it now." Los Feliz Resident

"There have been MANY who have reached out, to be ignored by her office." Toluca Lake Resident

"I have called your office and left messages and no one has ever gotten back to me." Sherman Oaks Resident

"Nithya's Chief of Staff worked for a PR company that reps large developments, including a 42-story skyscraper slated for Wilshire at Cochran." Miracle Mile Resident

"Four years is a short career and feels even shorter when people are fed up. Hint: people are already fed up." Hollywood Resident

"You need to go!! You are an embarrassment." Los Feliz Resident

"We voted this incompetent amateur into office. Shame on us." Los Feliz Resident

"You're doing nothing about the homeless, gangs and general crime." Beverly Glen Resident

"I voted for you. If an election were held today, I'd contribute to your opponent's campaign." Los Feliz Resident

"She is in way over her head and completely unqualified." Hollywood Resident

"It was easy to win an election with tweets and celebrity subsidized phone banks & Zoom fundraising." Laurel Canyon Resident

"She's awful and she lied to us." Sunset Square Resident

"I withdrew my support when it became painfully obvious that you had no idea what the job entailed." Laurel Canyon Resident

"During your campaign, you came across as an overly altruistic, phony baloney espousing some of the wackiest radically left of the far left DSA." Los Feliz Resident

"Please step down! It's so obvious you never cared about the constituents or our neighborhoods from day one." Los Feliz Resident

"We listened to you and you got elected and no sooner than you did, you kicked us to the curb." Sunset Square Resident

"Raman looks at the camera and obviously lies. Wow. Do we need more reason to recall?" Los Feliz Resident

"Clearly, Councilmember Nithya Raman is out of touch with the community she was voted to serve." Los Feliz Knolls Resident

"I cannot believe I got hoodwinked by her . . .  My vote was reactive and not well thought out." Los Feliz Resident


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Petition signing can begin 28 days after Raman has been served


We have 120 days to gather signatures.



A new CD4 Councilmember will be elected concurrently & sanity restored to the district. 

Counting the Days!

Raman was served with our "Notice of Intent to Recall," June 9, 2021.

We will next submit our "Draft Petition" for signatures to the Los Angeles City Clerk in:

CD4 for CD4 © 2021

FPPC ID# 1438495

We are a district-wide coalition of residents demanding a return to sanity in CD4. 

You can also reach us at info@recallraman.org


1920 Hillhurst Avenue #229

Los Angeles, CA 90027