Who is Nithya Raman?


Enables Gangs & Crime


Supports the Destruction of Single Family Neighborhoods 

She's Aligned with Radical Groups

Find out who really has a seat at her table...It's not her constituents.

Violent & Criminal Encampments

Los Feliz's Berendo Street is a prime example. Raman's blinded bleeding heart endangers her constituents. 

Ruinous "Urban Planner"

Nithya Raman supports Senate Bill 10  & Upzoning for Market Rate Housing with no affordable units

Amateur Staff



Social & Work Histories Gone


Avoidance & Excuses

Embarrassingly Unqualified Staff

Arrogance led Raman to hire young, radical staffers—many of whom were plucked from her campaign. 

Four Jobs in Five Years

Since 2014, Raman has moved from one unrelated job to the next. Before her campaign, she scrubbed her social & LinkedIn pages.

Unanswered Calls & Emails

Constituents repeatedly report they call or email Raman and her staff and don't hear back. 

Why Residents Say They Support Recalling Raman

(If viewing comments on a phone, please turn it sideways.)

"I don’t have a representative. I want my community back and I don’t have a person that I can rely on. I am literally contacting other representatives for help." Hollywood Resident

"Remove the communist from office and her entire staff." Sherman Oaks Resident

"We need to take back our city from the politicians who handed our beautiful city to vagrants that promptly defiled it and made it more dangerous for everyone." Hollywood Hills Resident

"Renters and owners need representation, not just homeless." Studio City Resident

"I am not a registered Republican. I am a registered Democrat, always have been, and I voted For Nithya Raman. . . . I support this recall effort after seeing she has turned out to be a proponent of luxury housing. . . on the absurd premise that wealthy occupants of LA luxury housing will use transit & forego cars. . . ." Sherman Oaks Resident

"In the past, when calling David Ryu's office, I would be treated with respect. Who does Nithya Raman pay attention to, if not her constituents?" Los Feliz Resident

"After complaining about RVs (where homeless persons are now living) dumping sewage in Los Feliz for months, we received no help from Raman." Los Feliz Resident

"Thank you for doing what you are doing." Frustrated CD4 Resident

"I have heard from several community leaders that Nithya Raman is a dangerous, dishonest disaster." Hollywood Resident

"I spent several days trying to obtain her positions on the Wildlife and Ridgeline ordinances. . . No one answers the phone. Finally, I got a call back and the person claimed to no nothing about the ordinances." Sherman Oaks Resident

"You are correct that she scrubbed everything. Back when Nithya became a candidate, I researched her before she scrubbed the internet. She professed her love and admiration for Ilan Omar. That was an instant red flag." Sherman Oaks Resident

"Tax paying residents don't matter to her. We need someone who can truly represent all of us, not just the homeless." Hollywood Petition Signer

"It's easier catching a disease from these homeless encampments than from COVID-19." Hollywood Petition Signer

"Thanks for leading this effort to remove Ms. Raman for her ill-suited post. We need someone who is going to take the initiative to bring Los Angeles back to the place I used to love." Hollywood Hills Petition Signer

"Raman's office isn't prepared for a campfire." Silver Lake Resident in Response to Raman's July 23rd Meeting on Fire Prevention in CD4

"Already donated to get rid of this AOC wannabe." CD4 Resident

"Nithya Raman's approach to homelessness is pure co-dependency." Los Feliz Petition Signer

"Thank you Recall Committee for having the guts to say what we all feel." Beachwood Canyon Resident

"She will destroy our single-family neighborhoods." Mid-Wilshire Resident

"Nithya just approved a 7-11 that the community said a resounding NO to." Beachwood Canyon Resident

"I have worked for over 25 years to turn Hollywood around and make it a clean and safe place for families, businesses and visitors. Nithya Raman's misguided polices could destroy the progress my neighbors and I have made over the last three decades in less than year." Whitley Heights Resident

"Tabatha (one of Raman's field managers): You and your boss are completely out of your league. You are only considering your own agenda and are not listening to your tax paying constituents." Hollywood Resident

"Nithya Raman is harmful to the legacy of CD4 Councilman John Ferraro and Tom LaBonge." Mid-Wilshire Resident

"We need a replacement candidate who can get the homeless off the streets." Hollywood Dell Resident

"Can we get David Ryu back?" Hollywood Dell Resident

"Los Angeles needs to be swept clean of self-serving Socialists who think they're the rulers of L.A. residents." Lakewood Resident

"My pregnant wife can’t walk to the local store on Van Nuys and Monrovia to get a coffee or a snack because homeless people are running around crazy." Sherman Oaks

"Enough is enough. Failed liberal policies. Raman needs to go." Hollywood Dell Resident

"She has misrepresented herself and dismissed the [key] issue facing our beautiful city." Los Feliz Resident

"Terrible elected official." Hancock Park Resident

"I was on the Greater Toluca Lake NC & worked very closely with former Councilman David Ryu on many issues. Once Ms. Raman was seated, everything changed. There is now a huge hole where compassion, conversation & representation used to be." Toluca Lake Resident

"Nithya (and other bureaucrats) are intentionally misinterpreting the Boise ruling to cause ANARCHY in our streets in the name of 'empathy.' She has GOT to go!" Los Feliz Resident

"She is unfit for public service." Hancock Park Resident

"Want this incompetent woman out of office ASAP!" Los Feliz Resident

"She's TERRIBLE!!!" Los Feliz Resident

"Crime is up, homeless camps are disgusting. Neighborhood has gone to hell!" Cahuenga Pass Resident

"I grew up in LA in Hancock Park and am saddened by the rise in crime and homelessness. I think the DSA is dangerous." Hancock Park Resident

"I cannot believe I voted for this woman! She is AWFUL. The homeless situation in six months has gotten 10 times worse and she does NOTHING. Her staff is incompetent and useless and they just make excuses. Crimes skyrocketing too. Help!" Hollywood Resident

"We need change. Not enabling." Pico-Union Resident

"I voted for her and now deeply regret it." Los Feliz Resident

"As soon as Raman took office, our calls weren't returned, her staff was incompetent & inexperienced beyond belief & made no effort to even hear us. . . When we mentioned we would like to be kept abreast of upcoming meetings [regarding a new development], we were met with comments like "Huh?" from her staff." Hollywood Resident

"Raman is just as you describe her and is a real danger to our district." Hollywood Hills Resident

"She has proved to be another hostile takeover candidate from the DSA-LA with no real plans or understanding of politics." Sherman Oaks Resident

"It's past time to correct the egregious error our fellow citizens made in electing this completely inept and unqualified disaster." Hancock Park Resident

"Nithya is an ineffective leader and only cares about the homeless." Toluca Lake Resident

"I was in a Zoom with our Hollywood Dell neighbors & was horrified by her and her staff's lack of interest & dismissive behavior towards our serious concerns for our neighborhood & city." Hollywood Dell Resident

"She acts as a dictator making decisions without resident input." Los Feliz Resident

"Respectfully, she needs to go." Bronson Canyon Resident

"Under Raman, I have lived the past year in fear and have been in immediate danger. My Los Feliz neighborhood has turned into a [dangerous gang] headquarter." Los Feliz Resident

"She's horrible. We've seen enough." Echo Park Resident

"What a mess. I have worked with past councilmembers as a volunteer . . . At least they [could] answer questions or get back to you with an answer." Hollywood Dell Resident

"Her support of disastrous housing bills will help destroy our neighborhoods." Sherman Oaks Resident

"Thank goodness you are doing this!" Hancock Park Resident

"Nithya is all fast talk and no action. I suspected Nithya would turn out as she has. Unavailable." Spaulding Square Resident

"Nithya Raman is unprepared and unwilling to grow in the job." Whitley Heights Resident

"She is ridiculous. No experience, no direction, no clue how to take care of our community." Los Feliz Resident

"Not following through on her election values or promises." Cahuenga Pass Resident

"She cares nothing about the constituents who elected her." Hollywoodland Resident

"On the wrong side of every important issue facing quality of life issues in L.A." Benedict Canyon Resident

"She has made the homeless situation worse and unsafe to live here." Hollywood Dell Resident

"Totally ignored by [her] office. The homeless situation has escalated with crime in our neighborhood." Hollywood Hills West Resident

"I truly regret my vote." Beachwood Canyon Resident

"Raman has ignored every outreach from our neighborhood about a TOC project, that is a fraud. . . She will ruin CD4." Larchmont Heights Resident

"Enough is enough. Clean up these streets. CD4 looks like a Third World country." Silver Lake Resident

"She is doing the opposite of what she said she would do . . . Most importantly, as we have tried to speak with city officials in Zoom calls, she has never shown up. She is about herself and what benefits her." Sunset Square Resident

"The crime in our neighborhood is increasing rapidly, but our councilwoman has no workable solutions. We need someone with experience who can actually govern." Los Feliz Resident

"Totally unresponsive and out of touch." Sunset Square Resident

"Nithya Raman has undoubtedly demonstrated her ultra-liberal radical leftist policies and . . . seems to promote lawlessness while disregarding hard-working people and mocking the victims." Hollywood Resident

"She is a horrible representative for our neighborhoods. . . . with little concern for the safety & beauty of [our] historic community." Franklin Hills Resident

"She's clueless and incompetent." Sherman Oaks Resident

"Let's recall her before she does any more damage to our neighborhoods." Beachwood Canyon Resident

"Nithya and her staff have shown they are not capable on working on the unhoused situation." Spaulding Square Resident

"None of this surprises me. People should have done their homework before they voted for her." Windsor Square Resident

"I don't believe that she has the qualifications needed for the job." Franklin Hills Resident

"I am fed up with inaction and lip service." Whitley Heights Resident

"Raman has misplaced compassion for the homeless." Los Feliz Resident

"I would like to sign whatever necessary to recall this woman." Hancock Park Resident

"I have worked with 3 councilmembers in CD4 over the years and the experience with Raman has been shockingly incompetent." Sunset Square Resident

"I tried to reach you some time ago and all I could access was pre-election balony." Franklin Village Resident

"Where were you employed as an urban planner? The American Planning Assoc. has no record of you ever being a member." Hollywood Marmont Resident

"You are the worst. Streets are strewn with trash. Needles and feces is what we have to endure. You absolutely suck." Van Nuys Resident

"People voted for an ideology, instead of reality. Her homeless non-for-profit did nothing." Whitley Heights Resident

"After my husband and I voted for you, we were horrified you agreed to raise building heights on Hillhurst Avenue." Los Feliz Resident

"She has the mind of a bumper sticker: all messaging and no substance." Sherman Oaks Resident

"I have called and left messages for her office and no one bothered to call me back. She is doing a terrible job." Los Feliz Resident

"Her working hours end when she is confronted with questions that don't conform to her radical policies." Hollywood Resident

"We didn't elect the DSA." Lake Hollywood Resident

"Using things such as childcare as an excuse to not perform hurts all women." Los Feliz Resident

"I was excited to vote for you, but sincerely regret it now." Los Feliz Resident

"There have been MANY who have reached out, to be ignored by her office." Toluca Lake Resident

"I have called your office and left messages and no one has ever gotten back to me." Sherman Oaks Resident

"Nithya's Chief of Staff worked for a PR company that reps large developments, including a 42-story skyscraper slated for Wilshire at Cochran." Miracle Mile Resident

"Four years is a short career and feels even shorter when people are fed up. Hint: people are already fed up." Hollywood Resident

"You need to go!! You are an embarrassment." Los Feliz Resident

"We voted this incompetent amateur into office. Shame on us." Los Feliz Resident

"You're doing nothing about the homeless, gangs and general crime." Beverly Glen Resident

"I voted for you. If an election were held today, I'd contribute to your opponent's campaign." Los Feliz Resident

"She is in way over her head and completely unqualified." Hollywood Resident

"It was easy to win an election with tweets and celebrity subsidized phone banks & Zoom fundraising." Laurel Canyon Resident

"She's awful and she lied to us." Sunset Square Resident

"I withdrew my support when it became painfully obvious that you had no idea what the job entailed." Laurel Canyon Resident

"During your campaign, you came across as an overly altruistic, phony baloney espousing some of the wackiest radically left of the far left DSA." Los Feliz Resident

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