Who are the neighbors who make up CD4 for CD4? We're a mirror of the council district —from Sherman Oaks to Silver Lake—that we are trying to protect. We are multi-ethnic and multi-racial citizens of CD4. Some of us voted for Bernie. Some of us voted for Biden. Some of us voted for Trump. While our political preferences may differ, one thing we all agree on is our demand to rescue our district from Nithya Raman and her heedless, ruinous policies.

We are people who believe in safety and security for everyone: from homeowners, renters and small business owners to the homeless woman living in a tent under the 101 Freeway.

We believe in the value of the single family home and the neighborhoods that are built around them—neighborhoods that define the essence of life in Los Angeles. We want to protect our neighborhoods from greedy developers who seek to capitalize on the crisis in affordable housing by tearing down neighborhood homes only to replace them with market rate apartments. We want to build actual affordable housing in a sensible way, with community involvement, not by governmental fiat. We want sane and compassionate solutions to problems, not ideological nonsense.

If you're worried about Nithya Raman advancing the needs of the homeless over the needs of the rest of us—like when she sanctioned fire-prone Griffith Park as a relocation address for the homeless moved from Echo Park—we are too. If you're worried about Nithya Raman's support for single family homes being torn down willy-nilly to make way for 14-unit apartment buildings without zoning oversight or infrastructure improvement, we are too. If you think having a professional police force is better than defunding the LAPD as Nithya Raman wants, we do too. If you think eliminating prisons, as Nithya Raman advocates, is a bad idea, we do, too.

That's who we are. We are you. We are your neighbors. We are ethnically and politically diverse, but we all agree Raman must go.

Please join us to save CD4.