Many constituents say they have called Nithya Raman's office only to have no one pick up the phone. Or, if they happen to reach someone, they don't ever receive a return call. Same situation with email.

Additionally, Raman routinely schedules Zoom meetings for evening hours, between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m., but bows out 15 to 30 minutes early. She blames a lack of childcare. As a result, constituents are left hanging, frustrated by unanswered questions after waiting months to talk with her.  

When questioned about this, she said: "I won't apologize for not having child care during a pandemic." Soon after, Raman doubled down on the matter, tweeting a video where she discusses L.A.'s housing issues alongside her two children, as they distractedly snacked and hammed it up for the camera. 

Raman tends to double down when she is criticized. Don't think for a moment she will change her behavior. Instead of accepting feedback from those who are not among her "base" she ups the ante when confronted.

This is not a good idea of how to best work with over 250,000 constituents. 

We appreciate Raman's family. She seems a loving mother and her two children are adorable. But it is disingenuous, at best, for her to use her children as props to avoid answering tough constituent questions. 

Further, Raman is a wealthy woman—she is married to a prominent Hollywood TV producer—so finding appropriate childcare should not be a problem. She chose to be a Los Angeles City Councilmember and that is a full-time job that does not end at 7 p.m., especially when constituents have been waiting to speak with you.

Raman has proven, time and time again, she doesn't have—or is unwilling to give—the time the role requires.