Under Raman's watch, encampments have expanded exponentially in Council District 4 and with them, a major rise in crime.

A prime example of one of the many dangerous encampments in CD4 is on Berendo Street in Los Feliz where the murderous gang “La Mirada Locos” has taken over a homeless encampment.

Using the camp as cover, they sell drugs, openly carry guns, park stolen cars and threaten neighbors with violence, while vandalizing their property. It's a living nightmare. 

LAPD has made over 15 arrests in the last five months, including multiple gun arrests after bullets were fired mere feet away from a nearby elementary school. Yet Raman's response has been to enable the gang members by paying for their hotel rooms and buying them new tents with your tax payer dollars.

ABC7 has done three stories on the issue, including the one below from May 5, 2021. Violent criminals have taken over numerous encampments in CD4, and under Raman, it won't stop anytime soon. 

Is your block next?