Frequently Asked Questions about the Recall Raman Initiative


When will you start gathering petition signatures?

Our petition must be approved by the City Clerk. We expect that to occur July 14, 2021. That means we can begin collecting signatures over the course of  120 days, as set out by Los Angeles City Election Code, starting July 15, 2021 and ending November 12, 2021. We will update if and when this changes. 


Who can sign the petition?

Registered voters in the city of Los Angeles of Los Angeles Council District 4 (CD4).


How do I know if I’m in Council District 4 (CD4)?

Great question. Use this handy link and type in your address. It will let you know if you are in CD4. 


How many signatures do you need?

27,405 is the magic number. The Los Angeles City Clerk will be verifying each and every signature. Because some mistakes may be made, we will ensure our success by getting 30% more signatures than required: so our goal is: 35,627.


Why has it taken so long to start gathering signatures?

A recall is a very long and detailed process with lots of steps that must be approved by the Los Angeles City Clerk. Additionally, a recall must allow the official that is being recalled time to respond. We are following the required timeline very carefully and check in, nearly daily, with the City Clerk to ensure we are on track.


When would the Recall get on the ballot?

Based on the current timeline, we anticipate a Special Election will be held on the recall of Ms. Raman as well as a vote on her replacement sometime between April 29, 2022 and June 5, 2022. We will update if and when this changes. 


Why a Special Election? There currently is a Statewide Primary when Los Angeles will elect a new mayor scheduled for June 7, 2022.

It is very possible that our Recall will be included in the June 7, 2022 primary, if the timeline changes or slips. At this point, however, the last possible date for a Special Election for the Recall of Raman is June 5, 2022 based on Los Angeles City Election Code.  


Isn’t a Special Election a waste of money? I’ve heard it will cost millions of taxpayer dollars.

Ms. Raman has indicated a Special Election to remove her will cost “millions” of dollars. This is untrue. According to a recent estimate from the Los Angeles County Registrar, a singular Special Election for our Recall and for a candidate to replace Raman would cost about $525,000. As a Los Angeles City Councilmember Raman makes $207,000 annually (the highest city council salary in the nation). $525,000 is roughly equal to two years of Ms. Raman’s salary. We see the cost of the recall as an investment to get CD4 back on the right track and now. We feel strongly that keeping Ms.Raman in office will cost taxpayers millions of dollars in lawsuits and settlements for her negligence and it will continue to cost people their lives due to the increasing crime and fires that she is willingly enabling through her inaction. $525,000 is worth saving the money that Ms. Raman will cost the city over the next 4 years and to help save many lives that she is endangering. 


Raman has only been in office six months. Isn’t it too soon?

It’s not too soon. She has done irreversible damage already and cost many people their lives. Everyday that she is in office is a risk to the safety of all in her district. It is unsafe to keep her in office for another 3.5 years. Many had high hopes for Raman when she was elected and took office. Those same constituents who voted for her now have buyer’s remorse and some feel they were misled. In only six months in office, Raman has created irreparable damage to CD4 and we know that when questioned, Raman only doubles-down on her ill-conceived ideologies and alliances. It’s easy to see that this will only continue, as Raman has and will continue to ignore her true CD4 constituents, in favor of the extremist groups, of which she is beholden. The constituents of CD4 have given Raman many chances, yet Ms. Raman and her staff have made it clear they do not want to help residents if the residents concerns do not align with Ms. Raman’s ideology. 

Additionally, Los Angeles is in a critical time right now: trying to recover from the pandemic and experiencing both an increase in homeleness and crime dramatically. Now is not the time for a neophyte politician to help us get out of the mess we are in. 


Who started the Recall?

Los Feliz Ledger Publisher Allison B. Cohen announced the Recall Raman effort in May. Cohen established a Political Action Committee days later, which is called CD4 for CD4. The committee consists of 19 members representing every neighborhood of CD4, from Sherman Oaks to Silver Lake. Of the many  CD4 for CD4 committee members, five are (per Los Angeles City Election Code) “Proponents” of the Recall: Allison B. Cohen (Hancock Park/Los Feliz), Scott A. Meyers (Beachwood Canyon); Michael Malone (Mid-Wilshire); William Newby (Hancock Park) and Susan Collins (Sherman Oaks).


Some say right-wing Republicans are behind the recall. Is that true?

We laugh and cry when we hear that, because nothing could be further from the truth. We are your neighbors, diverse ethnically and politically, yet all agree that leaving Ms. Raman in office is dangerous to all. Of the CD4 for CD4 full committee and its 5 “Proponents,” we’ve voted for Democrats, Independents, Republicans and other parties. We are incredibly diverse politically, but one thing we all agree on is Raman must go. We do not discuss nor endorse any political party, we only have one common goal and that is to save CD4 from Ms.Raman’s reckless rule.


What happens if you get the verified signatures you need?

When we get the verified signatures we need, the City Clerk will write and present a “Report of Sufficiency” of our recall and present it to the Los Angeles City Council. The Los Angeles City Council then has 20 days to act on the report, meaning calling for and setting a date for a Special Election to Recall Ms. Raman. Per Los Angeles City Election Code, when the City Council acts on the “Report of Sufficiency” a recall election must be called within 88 to 125 days. Again, based on our timeline, that would set a date for a Special Election between April 29, 2022 and June 5, 2022. Ms. Raman is precluded from running for her seat. If dates change we will keep you updated.


How can we help the Recall Effort?

Great question. There are many ways to help, first just by helping us spread the word that exists and that there is a legal and democratic option for anyone who agrees that Ms. Raman should not be in office. Please urge people to sign up to Volunteer if they want to help collect signatures or host signature signings at their business or home. Please urge people to donate, every dollar counts and unfortunately funds are needed to be successful. Sharing social media links also helps. Thank you for all and any of the ways you are able to support our initiative. We are here for each other. That’s why we are “CD4forCD4.”


Didn’t she win by a lot? 

No. She only won by 7,600 votes. Many of those who voted for Raman now regret it and say they feel they were misled. Some have said their vote for Raman was their worst vote of their lives. 


Why are there so many recalls right now? Isn’t this subverting the will of the people?

Article II of the California Constitution, approved by California voters in 1911, allows elected officials to be removed from office. In the case of Los Angeles City Councilmembers, like Raman, such a recall can commence after being in office for three months. While it may seem unfair to start an initiative to Recall Raman after being in office for such a short time, such a recall is well within our right as per the California Constitution. Additionally, by the time a Recall Special Election will be held (Spring of 2022), Raman will have been in office for 1 ½ years. 


Do you have someone in mind to replace Raman?

At this point we are not endorsing anyone to replace Raman. We are not aligned politically with any candidate or party. Our focus is to trigger her removal from office. We are confident strong, suitable options for her replacement (which will be voted on simultaneously with the ballot question of whether Raman should be recalled) will emerge in the months to come. 


Do you just not like Raman?

On the contrary. Ms. Raman is a likeable person with a good heart. We feel, however, she is not suited, experienced or knowledgeable to respond to and manage the needs of the 250,000 constituents in CD4. 


I have a question not listed here, what do I do? 

Please email us at and we will gladly answer any questions you have. 

Thank you!