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August 9, 2021: ABC7

Los Angeles City officials, at Raman's command, attempt to remove 24 planters installed on Los Feliz's Berendo Street, after residents installed the planters to prevent a dangerous street gang (that had taken over a homeless encampment) from returning. At times the stand-off was tense as locals sat on the planters to prevent their removal. 


August 9, 2021: ABC7

A Los Feliz resident implores Raman to "Wake Up! Help us!" instead of sending the city to remove planters they installed on Berendo Street in Los Feliz to prevent a street gang that had taken over a homeless encampment from returning.


July 29, 2021: KTLA

Raman sends city worker to Berendo Street to cite residents there for placing planters on the street to deter a notorious street gang, which finally left after nearly a year of terrorizing locals, from returning. She moved swiftly in her action, while she never once asked the city to remove the gang and its criminal activities at the location.

July 28, 2021: ABC7

Raman is criminally abusing her power to retaliate against crime victim residents who are part of the Recall Raman Political Action Committee. In 8 months she never sent the city to cite gang members for blocking the entire sidewalk to shoot guns and sell meth yet in a matter of hours she sent the city to cite the community for a community garden.

May 5, 2021: ABC7

In this news story, the ABC7 news crew returned to the Berendo Street homeless encampment to see if anything had changed since its first report in April. Raman is interviewed on camera and is untruthful about the state of the encampment. Also, a long time LAPD officer tells ABC7 in all his years on the force, he's never seen anything like the situation on Berendo, specifically that a homeless encampment has been taken over by gangs and the one person that can do something about it, Nithya Raman, won't.