TO THE HONORABLE NITHYA RAMAN: Pursuant to Los Angeles Election Code §719, we five proponents of this petition intend to seek your recall and removal from the office of Los Angeles City Council District Four and demand an election of a successor. The grounds for this recall are: You repeatedly put your PERSONAL HOMELESSNESS IDEOLOGY over constituent safety. You have enabled gang members to commit crimes–including drug trafficking, robbery, brandishing and firing of guns and prostitutional extortion, often in full view of families and children—while ignoring months of pleas for safety from the citizens you were elected to serve. CHAOS AND LAWLESSNESS EVERYWHERE: You refuse to acknowledge addiction and mental illness as root causes of homelessness and wrongly insist the city can build its way out of the crisis. You and your staff are hostile and disruptive to LAW ENFORCEMENT, advocating for LAPD defunding despite an increase in dangerous crime and fires—often stemming from homeless encampments—in your district.  ABSENT: You claim to encourage dialogue and transparency, yet you and your staff have only superficially availed yourself to constituents, abruptly abandoning meetings, refusing to answer questions and chronically ignoring constituent meeting requests, calls and emails. You also routinely skirt the topic of PROTECTION OF SINGLE-FAMILY ZONE NEIGHBORHOODS. We conclude you favor their destruction. You up-ended a decade of constituents’ work when you unilaterally, with no input from the citizens you purportedly represent, requested the City Planning Commission increase building heights in district neighborhoods such as Los Feliz. Finally, you refuse to disavow your alliance with the DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS OF LOS ANGELES (DSA-LA), WHICH CLAIMS TO "CO-GOVERN" WITH YOU, a group that proudly brandishes the hammer and sickle, whose goals are to end capitalism and abolish prisons and police. Your actions appear scripted by the DSA-LA and its affiliates. 

The above was served on Los Angeles City Councilmember Nithya Raman on June 9, 2021.