Raman gets an earful of public comment shortly after being served with our Notice of Intent to Recall on June 9, 2021


Raman staffer, Tabatha Yelos, makes it very clear how she—and by osmosis—Raman feels about police. Yelos has now been demoted from a "Field Deputy" to "Community Education Coordinator." Ill-equipped for either role, we are —and you should be—now concerned about what kind of "education" Yelos will be doing in your community.


Raman puts constituent concerns and safety last while she co-governs with the Democratic Socialists of Los Angeles. They have a seat at her table while constituents' concerns go ignored.

Raman doesn't give a damn about Americans with Disabilities. Nor does she care that crime-ridden homeless/gang encampments are near schools.

Raman is the Manchurian candidate of Ground Game L.A. The organization plucked her from obscurity to get a foot-hold on the Los Angeles City Council. In this video, Ground Game L.A. likens removing homeless encampments near schools & parks to GENOCIDE. 

"Um, I'm a Capitalist, I guess?" That was Raman during her campaign. But the truth came out after she was elected. Raman was not transparent about her involvement with the Democratic Socialists of Los Angeles and Ground Game L.A. It's understandable why many who voted for Ms. Raman feel they were mislead and deeply regret their vote. 

Everyone in the news media, including Allison B. Cohen, Publisher of the Los Feliz Ledger and the Lead Proponent to Recall Raman, missed Raman's true affiliation as a Socialist during her 2020 campaign. Here is a story from February 2020 from Jacobin, which claims to be a "leading voice of the American left, offering socialist perspectives on politics, economics and culture."

The Democratic Socialists of Los Angeles urge the theft of planters, which were installed by local residents of Los Feliz's Berendo Street to deter a notorious gang encampment from returning. That's Grand Theft. The planters are a community garden to honor those in the neighborhood who lost their lives due to COVID-19. 


A man in Los Feliz is renting various RVs out to homeless people. They are dumping their raw sewage in the street and Raman refuses to do anything about it.