Who has Nithya Raman's Ear?

Radical groups bent on destroying your SAFETY and FREEDOMS.

During Nithya Raman’s campaign, she falsely advertised herself as a candidate for all residents in Council District 4, using bright yellow colors with the campaign slogan “Nithya for the City.” Since she has been in office, numerous constituents—who voted for her—have spoken up about feeling “duped” and “tricked” because they believe Nithya Raman pulled a bait-and-switch. This is mostly due to her and her staff’s close affiliation and alignment with radical groups, the most concerning being the DSA-LA, which claims to co-govern Council District 4 with her (see photo below), a claim Nithya has refused to dispute. This is deeply concerning since many CD4 residents report that Nithya and her staff have ignored their concerns, refused meetings and avoided answering questions, while their emails and calls also go unanswered. Nithya Raman has proven she answers to radical groups over her own constituents.

DSA-LA (Democratic Socialists of America, Los Angeles), who proudly display the hammer and sickle (see photo below), state that they are not a political party and claim they are not affiliated with, nor do they officially support, the Democratic Party. They proudly claim that their principal goal is to DESTROY & ELIMINATE CAPITALISM, and we, CD4forCD4, strongly believe that all residents should have the freedom of entrepreneurship in a free-market economy—a freedom their plan would destroy. The DSA-LA also calls for ABOLISHING ALL PRISONS AND POLICE and has tweeted they strongly believe "there are no good cops." Their website suggests members read THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO and they call each other COMRADES. Another one of their goals is to eliminate private property ownership.

Streetwatch LA, is a group started by the DSA-LA that has been doing Raman's bidding on her behalf.

People's City Council-Los Angeles, whose slogan is "Because L.A. City Council hates poor people," also work for Raman and have her support.

Ground Game L.A., an aggressive and radical group—please view their tweets—which supplied Raman with many of her key staff, most with zero applicable experience for their jobs. Nithya Raman's ex Co-Chief of Staff (Jessica Salans) was one of the founders of Ground Game L.A. and one of Raman's current Field Managers, Tabitha Yelos, is the organization's former CEO (see CA Statement of Incorporation Filing below). Yelos has also voiced proudly that "ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS."

Who's not at Nithya Raman's Table?

The real residents of Council District 4 and neighborhood leaders, many of whom have spent decades working to improve their communities for all: renters, small business owners, homeowners and other stakeholders such as students and religious institutions. Yet, the very people who so desperately need the ear of CD4’s leader—are refused the chance. Many residents report being gaslighted by Nithya Raman and her staff over life and death safety issues and say the councilmember and her staff have refused to respond even to their most urgent requests. All the while, Raman and her staff have been in direct communication with radical groups, instead of her actual residents, like you and me, in CD4.

Why is this So Dangerous?

Because, VIOLENT CRIME and HOMELESSNESS have skyrocketed increasing rapidly under Nithya Raman’s watch. The LAFD reports over 24 encampment fires a day, deadly to us all as we enter fire season. Additionally, the LAPD has reported a double-digit increase in homicides. RSO (rent stabilization ordinance) units are disappearing by the day as frenzied developers tear them down to build yet more unneeded luxury housing, without any affordable units and Nithya seems not to understand that the greatest legislative threat to CD4, in the form of single-family neighborhood killers SB 9 and SB 10, would devastate and destroy our district—permanently. And small businesses, devastated by the pandemic, are struggling to survive. 

There has never been a more critical time to have a competent, transparent, and unbiased person at the helm. Time’s Up. Recall Raman before more irreversible damage is done.

Also, DSA-LA has publicly stated it is in a "co-governing" relationship with Raman (see below), which she has not denounced.